GeorgeFethy asked 4 years ago

I am currently a student trying to get my life back on track with all these bad credit decisions I’ve made. Smiley Sad 

I recieved a Notice of Witholding from Glasser & Glasser. They have begun taking money out of my paychecks

and frankly I can’t afford it with the other payments I have. A little history on the debt:


I had a Barclays Card I owed $ 2,000 for and point blank I didn’t make the payments and it escalated.

Now I have 25% of my paycheck being garnishment every pay period. (I live in Virginia by the way)

They sent me another court date for 5.26.16 and I want to know what my options are to get a lower

payment. Should I contact the creditor directly? or wait until I go to court?

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