Gander Mtn. Credit card

Gander Mtn. Credit cardGander Mtn. Credit card
ilbon777 asked 4 years ago

Did you know this card can only be used in store??? I was going to buy something from their website and have it shipped to my home, because it is not convenient to go to the store for me… I call to place an order and the lady on the phone takes all of my info and the items I am ordering and then says to me….Uh Oh…..looks like they changed their policy. The store card can not be used online….only the Visa. I applied for the visa last year and after a couple weeks I got the store card in the mail.

Well, if I can’t use it online, it looks like this one will get cancelled too! Well not until I use my $ 20 reward certificate…it can only be used if you pay with a Gander Mtn Card.

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