eeyowidoego asked 5 years ago

Today I received answers on most of the GW requests I have sent out


On Experian

Midland Credit Management

Date Assigned to them 09/08/09

States all is valid and they will not remove the account but will list it in dispute. Smiley Sad


West Asset Management (also on Equifax)

Date Assigned to them 09/21/12

Sent me back a letter verifing the account was paid in full Smiley Indifferent


Capital One Judgement (also on Equifax)

From 01/2010

Sent a request to the capital one attorney to vacate the judgement, they say it’s a valid judgement and refuse to vacate. Also stated capital one did not agree to remove my tradeline from my account only to stop reporting. (this isn’t accurate but they agreed in a phone call and by my next pull the accounts were gone.) Now I’m worried for some reason that will come back to haunt me.Smiley Frustrated


On Transunion

Midsouth Adjustment 

Assigned to them in 01/14 (mixup with the insurance)

Gave me a number to call that is apparently never answered.


Then I got a letter back on an unpaid Medical Bill from professional credit management – tried to get the clinic to recall the bill- it’s 62 dollars from 2013, They said the couldn’t do it so now I start PFD with Professional Credit Mgmt.


Accounts with Lates

I have an account with US Bank Auto Loan that has so many lates I wish I could get them to just delete the whole line, it never went to a collection company and was paid in full, but still looks horrible. 


Then I have 1 60 day late on my student loans with AES from 2008 that they refuse to remove. 


Any encouragement or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Today feels like I hit a wall.




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