Terrykiz asked 3 years ago

I just recently began my rebuild and I got a Cap One secured Feb 15th and also have a credit one unsecured card. I have a 9year old BK and a paid tax lien along with several other baddies that have all been paid off and closed since the first of the year. My fico was 514 two weeks ago and I have since had another account removed from my reports so I would assume it went up. But I still can’t get approved for an unsecured Capital One card. Any advice on what my next step should be or how long I should wait to re app? Once I get the Cap 1 cards my plan is to drop the credit one card when the year is up ( it’s a fee hog!) and then just garden for the next two years. I have 5 baddies and my BK all due to fall off by 6/2017 and was hoping to be building with a Capital one card so that when those accounts fall off I’ll have some really good accounts on there and I should receive a pretty substantial increase in score, but Cap one isn’t going along with my plan! …lol

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