From your experience…Am I Close to Closing?

From your experience…Am I Close to Closing?From your experience…Am I Close to Closing?
Spups asked 4 years ago

All of my documents  are in.  My conditions are satisfied.   Condo got approved.  Title company sent in

COMMITMENT / PRELIMINARY, WIRE INFO, TAX CERTIFICATE, INITIAL HUD-1, 24 MONTH CHAIN OF TITLE, CPL REFLECTING LOAN # AND CLAUSE.  The only thing left from the title company is the updated estoppel update, but the figures are already calculated into the initial HUD-!.


How long does it normally take for the Lender to review documents from the Title company?   



What could possibly be left besides the VOE?  I have to find out if termite is required and when is it normally scheduled.      I’m sure they have the tax transcripts by now.  We requested those early on.    I’m scheduled to close August 26th, but need to close  before August 20th.  


Please let me know from your experience the signs to look for when the Clear To Close is near.   Thank you!  


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