Four different Capital One Charge Off’s

Four different Capital One Charge Off’sFour different Capital One Charge Off’s
pavingTarma asked 5 years ago

Between me and my Fiance we have 4 capital one credit cards listed on our credit as Charge Off’s, 2 a piece. All 4 are over 5 years old. I have been sending letters out to CONFIRM  the deby hoping they would delete off my credit since its been soo long ( high hopes ).


They have since sent me back packets for all 4 accounts showing tranaction history, ect. At this point what is my next step to get these deleted off my credit. I was thinking try the “pay for delete” method using a template I have and offering about 20% of the total balances due to the age of the debt.


Nothing is over $ 1100 but I definitely do not have the cash to pay the entire amount for all 4 cards. Can anyone give me some suggestions on what my next step should be.


Thanks much! 



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