Found the house, need the mortgage

Found the house, need the mortgageFound the house, need the mortgage
ubattoc asked 3 years ago


I am new to the community and a first time home buyer who is currently living in New York and looking to move to South Carolina. Have already located the house that I am interested in and plan on going down to look at it in person in two weeks. I have not located a job there as of yet, I do still want to purchase the home before it gets sold. However I will not actually move down until I find a job that pays equal or more then my current one. I have been saving for many years, have no debt and excellent credit. I need a good lender bank or credit union so I can start the per-approval process. Does anyone have suggestions?

Yearly income of about $ 65,000
Savings of $ 85,000
No Debt-What-So-Ever and No Active loans
Never late on a payment, past due, or in collections:

Three Credit Cards with an available credit of $ 41,200 and zero current balances

Eqifax 3-Bureau Credit Report as of 4/2/16 was 821 for Experian, TransUnion and Equifax
Credit Karma Scores as of 4/12/16 were 815 for TransUnion and 814 for Equifax
DiscoverIT TransUnion FicoScore is normally shows 796, but for some reason as of 3/27/16 it dropped to 760. Smiley Frustrated

Looking to purchase a house for $ 275,000
Was thinking about putting down 20%, but not sure if I should deplete my savings that much.
Would like to avoid PMI

No idea what I should look into… Conventional 30 Year Fixed or FMA?
Would like the lowest rate possible and no points

Really have no idea how to procced in the home buying process

Do I need a realitor, lawyer? Etc…

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions.

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