For those approved for Venture in the past few days….

For those approved for Venture in the past few days….For those approved for Venture in the past few days….
ntahukhmei asked 5 years ago

Hey guys quick question:  I was approved on the 20th of March for the Venture One at 10k and on the 22nd of March for the Venture at 15K.  When I log into my account I have an option to link the Venture One but not the Venture.  I also received a email stating that my Venture One has not been sent but they are working on it and still havent gotten anything for the Venture…..Anyone else know how long this usually takes to receive an email or see something in your account?

In Debt We Trust Documentary – English Documentary -How Money and Credit Control Your Life

Typho0n replied 5 years ago

21:00 “I come from an upper middle class family” – what a fucking bitch!!!
she is basically saying I’m getting this family in debt cause I’m a snob!

joseph10704 replied 5 years ago

Credit is a bullshit word. It more like be in debt your whole life and make
banks and big company’s more richer. Who in the world think credit is good
because I don’t. It’s a 3 number word that makes you think you good to get
a house or a car or a loan. We live in this American nation were credit is
more important then are future. When what we should be looking at is how
can we learn how to live with out bs and learn to save are money and us it
in the right places. So to me I don’t care about my credit score is.
Because to me it’s bullshit. It’s what banks tell us so we think we are
doing the right things. When really were just making banks billions and
trillions a year. So no thank you. Do you self a fav a cut all your credit
cards stop taking out pointless loans you will never pay back in time. And
start changing your life by being your own bank all your own saver. 

Neal H replied 5 years ago

simple debt advise in a nut shell. if you do not have the cash for it you
cannot afford it. 

davevak replied 5 years ago

30:46 These people deserve their misery! They knew exactly what they were
doing, but rather than live within their means, they chose bury their heads
in the sand and live off of credit cards.

Mistress Morrigan replied 5 years ago

So…my fellow indentured servants, shall we rise up and eat the rich?
Let’s kill all the bankers and politicians and lobbyists and start
over…WITH regulation and usury in place. This isn affecting the entire
world. the IMF and World Bank do it to other countries: swoop into bankrupt
ones, give a loan, then they own that country. Watch it in action, it’s
happening to Ukraine right now. Let’s eat them all!

Abraham Potts replied 5 years ago

I live in Canada and I have a MasterCard from my BANK not a credit card
company.. We don’t have those here (well not that I know of) maybe a money
mart but that’s it lol.. Oh and I’m like 200$ soon to be 300$ in debt.
(Which I can pay for my next payday). All in all im glad I live in Canada
.. The social programs are Amazing to keep everyone equal instead of being
in this mess like the USA

jdareyah replied 5 years ago

About an hour and half documentary and not one word on the Federal Reserve
Bank, Central Banks in general nor the Rothschild, Rockefeller and the
Elite Jewish Bankers…….. good video, but a lot of info is left out

This was done in 2005/06 can you imagine what it is like now after the
recession. In 05 the debt was $7 trillion, now we $17 trillion and growing

I dont understand. I live by rule you have 100$ than you have 100$ noting
more. If you dont have money dont buy or dont borrow. Why its so hard to
understand it ?

Edit do you rly need new phone or tv or new xbox or new pc ? Do you rly
need new car ? I use 6 years old phone and i am fine. I have old 15 years
old sony tv still good today. Dont have xbox or playstation its useless(
dont have kids or gamers friends). I drive 1991 BMW and wont change it for
newer.Why ? I am fine with what i have .

ravenwda007 replied 5 years ago

The rich get richer while the poor get poorer because the poor pay the rich
to make the rich richer.

cutehawaiiactress replied 5 years ago

I don’t have a credit card just a bank debit card and I pay cash though I
also use PayPal to send and receive money there are hotels/rental
agencies/airlines that allow you to pay using your bank debit card or a
prepaid debit card I contacted a hotel and they allow that but even using
your bank card can get you into trouble if you don’t keep track (that’s the
main reason people get into trouble is not keeping track of what they earn
and what they spend) and I put a certain amount away since I don’t use my
checking account for anything but stashing money that is where most of it
goes and do have change jar (meaning put all your change into the jar at
the end of the day and at the end of the week whatever is left put
everything change and bills into it at the end of the month put it into a
savings account).

Dere Oke replied 5 years ago

Am debt free and don’t live on any sort of credit.

CycleCruza replied 5 years ago

We have to have dumb debt slaves to keep the system going. If everybody
wised up and carried no debt our economy would tank because banks would go
out of business and banks/debt drive the economy. However, I refuse to be a
fool debt slave but I’m glad we have debt slaves like most of you to keep
our system going. lol 

ravenwda007 replied 5 years ago

US debt clock says the average savings per family is just over $7000. 

silvertrigga replied 5 years ago

If I was rich and I paid off most peoples credit card debts guess what they
would do?…. get right back in to debt… some people wont admit to having
a problem themselves so they blame the institutions

jdareyah replied 5 years ago

My old thing is, if you cant pay for it cash, you dont need it because you
cant afford it. The whole reason you take out loans/credit to begin with is
because you cant afford it. If you only bought cash, you will never be in
debt and life will be way less stressful with out any bills.
In The USA the constantly present things/trends on TV for people to desire,
and people who are brainwash by the TV/the idiot box go out and try to buy
these high price things they dont need, in order to suit their pleasures
and fit in with the crowd, and they desire them soo much that they are
willing to take out loans/credit with interest and be in debt paying a
monthly bill for years even decades, all because they desire something they
dont really need in reality.

Real power and wealth is owning land and making your resources yourself
(food, clothes, build your own house, plumbing, etc). The elite has made us
think that chasing money in order to buy resources from them is the way
life should be.

also It doesn’t help that our currency is debt base currency, loaned to the
govt at interest

Poppy M replied 5 years ago

Cut all your credit cards in half and live off what is actually in your
bank account. Credit cards are poison. If you can’t pay for it in cash, you
can’t afford it. Plain and simple. In my country, people only use credit
cards for payments online and on holidays and such. For everyday payments,
a debit card is the norm. You spend what you have.

Jacqueline Garewal replied 5 years ago

More than credit cards, it is consumerism that drives debt. No one is
pushing you to buy stuff. Self control is the key. I would rather carry
cards than cash. If am robbed, I can block my card immediately. My cash
will never come back. Banks, however, have the responsibility to confirm
the income of the card applicant, by looking at bank statements, salary
slips etc. and not merely accept the statement of the applicant. They must
then put reasonable limits on spending. Not more than 30% of monthly income
should be permitted. If they do give limits beyond the applicant’s ability
to pay, they should be made to forfeit the amount given in excess of the

sardarhesam replied 5 years ago

Credit cards and Loans are a curse for some people , and they should be
dealt with like an addiction Don’t spent what you don’t have , and you
will never be in debt . that’s my secret and works for me , maybe it will
for you also ….

hotneo7 replied 5 years ago

People living beyond their means blaming the corporations, what is messed
up is the people’s unapologetic ignorance at being mature and responsible.
The credit card is like a car, and you have to know how to use it or bad
things happen. I never had a credit card and can’t sympathize with those
that don’t understand the ‘no free lunch’ rule.

Tipit Pitt replied 5 years ago

I’m not rich ,but I have no debts …. Never had a credit card !!! That’s
fine with me !

ravenwda007 replied 5 years ago

US National Debt is now $18,000,000,000,000+ Good God!

2eelShmeal replied 5 years ago

This is another one of those videos that, on the face of it, appears to
reveal an inner truth, and it does; but what it does NOT reveal is a
terrible injustice to everyone watching.

I mean, how THE FUCK do you have a video on debt without mentioning that
all money IS debt, therefore if all debt was paid off, there’d be no money.

So you see, it’s not just people borrowing too much that’s the problem, but
borrowing is the only way to have any money in circulation.

Now why does this video NOT MENTION THIS GLARING FACT??????? 

mksrookies replied 5 years ago

Wish I was allowed to live it up on credit cards. However I have shame and
morals that allow me to not go crazy spending money I don;t have.

Miklos Halasz replied 5 years ago

thieft of the finance companies . unbelievable.steal from the
people . tvo jobs and still in debt.

dave jenson replied 5 years ago

I have one credit card and It’s nice to have but I live within my means and
I don’t use the card all the time.
I don’t run the card too high were I couldn’t pay the balance off in a
couple payments. Nice to have good credit but. just because the card has a
$12,000.00 limit does not mean I’m going to max it out. Banks like when you
owe thousands and they know you can’t clear the balance off in a few
payments , this is when they make money. Not rocket science here , live
within your means and good credit is nice to have but don’t abuse it. Don’t
buy things you don’t need 

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