Foot to butt in 3…2…1….

Foot to butt in 3…2…1….Foot to butt in 3…2…1….
Bsaiierapi asked 4 years ago

My pocket calendar is now my bible. I’m paying close attention to dates now. And time of day, as well. My dumb @ss ran my card up to the limit AFTER I had made my monthly scheduled payment. The plan was to pay it off BEFORE my statement cut. Somehow, I was off by one day. But wait, there’s more. I paid my Comenity backed cards on time. Again the plan was to pay off BEFORE the statement cut. I managed this for all but 2.  Their cut off for same day posting is 6pm. I missed the part about it being Eastern time. Uh huh, I’m in the central time zone. The end result is ugly. My utilization reported WAY high. Badabing badasplat, my scores took a dip in the dumb@ss river. And not a skinny dip either. It was more of a chunky dunk. I am kicking my own butt as I type this. At least I know they will bounce back next month. And now ill be paying in the morning before work, and you’ll never see me without my lil red calender again. Lesson learned.

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