FNBO APR Reduction Attempt Experience/Data Points

FNBO APR Reduction Attempt Experience/Data PointsFNBO APR Reduction Attempt Experience/Data Points
Bsaiierapi asked 4 years ago

Just wanted to post this out on the forum to help other FNBO customers. I always search these forums when attempting to reduce APR or gain a CLI or get the most bang for my buck with my cards. You guys have always been super helpful so I just wanted to share a recent experience with FNBO with you in case anyone is looking to attempt a APR reduction in the future.


October 2014 – Instant Approval for SavingStar AmEx card with $ 1k limit and 19.99% APR

May 2015 –  Successful CLI of $ 2k to make total CL now $ 3k


I called about a month or so ago and inquired about a possible APR reduction. The rep said that there was nothing on my account stating I was eligible for an APR reduction. I asked when might I call again to see? She stated that the accounts are periodically reviewed for APR reduction and she couldn’t give me a time frame to call back. Most reviews are yearly. Okay, that sucks, but whatever. Maybe I’ll call again in 6 months.


A couple days ago, I received a letter from FNBO. They’re giving me a promotional APR of 1.99% starting now through August 2016 for purchases and BTs (have to be made by October). And they sent 3 BT checks with it.


Maybe my phone call tripped something in the system and they’re trying to appease me in another way to keep using the card? I’m gonna use it anyway for the grocery CB deals and purchase portal CB deals. Or maybe it was a set deal they were going to send out anyway? Who knows. Thought it was interesting and wanted to share. I tried searching for similar info/experiences but didn’t come up with anything.


Hope someone finds this useful. Thanks for reading! Smiley Happy Heart

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