First unsecured card approval!!!

First unsecured card approval!!!First unsecured card approval!!!
richeventtver asked 5 years ago

So finally I pulled the trigger and applied for CapOne Quicksilver and boom approved with 5K limit. The website says I am also prequalified for Platinum Prestige card… thought why not and applied for that too… approved for 1K limit :smileyhappy:


I have started rebuilding since Jan and have learnt so many things on this site. My starting scores were in mid 500s. I have cleaned up my reports since. I have disputed on couple of CAs and got them removed. Also learnt about EE and called and requested online to get all the baddies removed. My profile is almost clean now with just one baddy which was my auto loan that was charged off but paid in full status and it is due to fall off in 04/2016. I have just one secured card that I have been using since 12/2014 and couple of store cards I approved recently. My AAoA got hit in this process too (was at 8 years and now at 4 – 5 years… will decrease again after these approvals) but it’s okay I wanted couple of unsecured cards in my journey. Now to garden for 6 months and look to buy a new car then. 

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