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subzopokatuff asked 5 years ago

I got my first cc in years through First Premier in the end of this past May. Since then in July I got a Cap1 QS1 and Platinum and 5 other store cards, all in July. I’ve been Paying First Premier off as I was using the card.
My balance is now down to $ 34 with them but my available credit is $ 0 with no charges pending (haven’t used it since I got the Cap 1 cards). So I called and asked what was going on and they told me my account was suspended because I paid my bill with 2 different accounts and wanted proof they were mine.
So basically I closed the account as I have no real user for it now and ate the fees I paid. Does anyone know how much of a hit my score will take from this closure? My reports show my oldest accts as being 19 years old with an AAoA as 7 years. So basically all 8 of my new accounts were obtained very close to each other.
Anyone have any thoughts of an impact of this closure?

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