First Premier giving me a chance to delete?

First Premier giving me a chance to delete?First Premier giving me a chance to delete?
KeithSix asked 5 years ago

I closed a Firsr Premeir CC account that was in good standing/$ 0 balance March 2015. They didn’t report anything on it for April and in May, the reported a $ 0 balance, a payment of $ 14, and that the account is open and in good standing.

I do have some lates back in 2013 and 1 – 60 day 2/2014. I tried to GW these lates, but had no luck. Even got a pretty nasty email back from they last one I sent saying they are done corresponding with me on this matter as they will not change their stance.

I have called them each 3 times since I closed the account ensuring that it was actually closed, even though they are reporting otherwise. I have asked them to report it correctly, but they keep saying they are (which obviously they are not).

Do I have an out here on sending them some ting or reporting them to the FCRA and ultimately getting this TL deleted since they seem like they can’t report accurately?

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