Finally What I have been looking for

Finally What I have been looking forFinally What I have been looking for
ubattoc asked 5 years ago

When my journey started back 45 days ago and I started reading over the different topics here at myfico I was a little worried and to be completely honest totally concerned.

My scores were really low from where I needed them. None of them were 600+. They were in the 580 range. My boss had informed me I am buying one of his three insurance agencies from him and that I need a 660 fico or better to qualify for the loan. I was super excited then super concerned because of the time frame for buying and where my credit score was. I’ve personally invested about $ 7k over the last 45 days in repairing my credit at a very high rate. Curiousity got the best of me last night and I bought my fico scores from here at myfico. They are as follows.

TansUnion – 651

Equifax – 621

Experian – 660


I also feel the need to say some credit cards aren’t reporting the balances they have on them and 2 collection accounts that have been paid are not reporting that way yet. I still have 45 days before the insurance company will run my credit report. For the first time in 45 days I slept good last night no longer concerned that my score will prevent me from buying.

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