Fico vs. Vantage scores

Fico vs. Vantage scoresFico vs. Vantage scores
ubeposapes asked 5 years ago



I’ve been going off of my Vantage score as a reference for the last couple of months.

My TU is 676 and EQ is 679 on there, so I’ve been pretty hyped up about my scores jumping.


Today, I decided to purchase the MyFico 3 Bureau package. On there, it states my TU is 631 and EQ is 628 and EX is 641.



I was planning on going on an app spree at the end of the month, assuming my vantagescores jumped up to the 690’s after dropping utilization.


My question is, do you guys know who pulls exclusively only the vantage score? I want to apply to a few cards, but don’t want them to pull the Fico scores. I was planning on applying for the Amex BCE, maybe the Chase Sapphire, and a Hyatt… but starting to have second doubts.


side note: I got approved for the Southwest Rapid Rewards about 2 months ago when my TU and EQ were in the 650’s in vantagescore.


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