FICO Ultimate 3B Report Quarterly subscription?

FICO Ultimate 3B Report Quarterly subscription?FICO Ultimate 3B Report Quarterly subscription?
GoodvinLels asked 5 years ago

Anyone here subscribe to the quarterly myFICO FICO Ultimate 3B Report?

I bought the one time report yesterday, which was the first ever for me to pay for my FICOs (usually use free sites and pay bills on time etc and has worked okay for me).

Wondering if I should subscribe for the quarterly 3B report, which is yearly at around $ 329 with credit monitiring service; I already have LifeLock ultimate.

I am leaning against, prob. just buy 1-time when needed (prob. buy again next year right before I app for a mortgage).

What has been your experience with the 3B report subscription, did you eventually cancel for some reason etc? 

I figure there is more value for someone who is trying to improve their scores so it can be monitiored, in my case, not much to improve, just maintain…for me it’ll just be a “nice to have” but I’d have to add it to my expenses list and it seems like a “luxury” since I kinda know what my scores have been like for the past 24 years, has always been in the high 700″s/low 800s.

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