FHA, NHF Platinum Grant – Closed June 26th!

FHA, NHF Platinum Grant – Closed June 26th!FHA, NHF Platinum Grant – Closed June 26th!
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Just wanted to thank you all for your advice over the last two months. Smiley Happy We closed on our house on June 26th and it would have a been more difficult journey without this community. Smiley Happy

For those worrying if they will ever be able to buy a house, I’m one of those who will say if we could do it so can you. I am 2 years and 6 months out of an individual chapter 7 bankruptcy. Both my husband and I had some small paid collections. We had been working hard for the past year to get to a place where we could buy a home but even we began to doubt it was possible. In January when we first ran our credit my husband had a mid-score of 595 and I had a mid-score of 605. By May 10th my husband’s mid-score was 707 and my mid score was 663. We achieved this through paying down credit card balances, removing inaccurate information, and negotiating PFDs. It was time consuming but worth it. We didn’t have a buyer or a sellers agent for the sale which was difficult but cost saving. Through utilizing this NHF Platinum grant we actually paid very little in the grand scheme of things, about $ 525 for home and septic inspections. We even got our earnest deposit back at closing. We made an offer on the house on May 15th and we closed on time, on June 26th and got the keys that same day! Smiley Happy

It’s a bit odd to walk around a house and it’s all yours but it’s a really really good kind of odd! And I wish everyone the best of luck on their home buying journeys as well!!!

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