Fha, mortgage????

Fha, mortgage????Fha, mortgage????
Yaltahelp asked 4 years ago

Spent the last year and half fixing my credit. Went from 547 to mid score of 702 on my mortgage pre approval 2 weeks ago.
So i got a wild hair on 2-8-16 to see if i could get a pre approval for fha loan, told the lender i was looking to spend 180k. Meet with him at 9am. Got a call at 3pm saying it was approved and to start shopping for a house. Looked at a house 2-12 and the wife loved it so we put in a offer at 179k and was accepted last Saturday.
Get a call from the lender Monday needing approval to request working and pay verification for the past 2 years. Then got a call tuesday asking me to stop by to sign papers. I went in and signed all loan docs. They told me what my payment will be and fixed interest rate. Had inspection yesterday and went good. Waiting on appraisal now.
Just seems weird to me, no one ever told me i was fully approved or good to go. I am a first time home buyer and just dont know what to ecpext.

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