Feeling pretty darn good right now

Feeling pretty darn good right nowFeeling pretty darn good right now
Bailey Leschen asked 5 years ago

It has been a long road, but all my efforts are  starting to pay off thanks to the assistance  of all of you good people out there. 


2 years ago – mid score of 490 due to thin file, old bankruptcy,  and 12 collections.

1 year ago – mid score of 550 because I got a few low limit cards and the bankruptcy fell off.  However  had a few late payments 

6-9 months ago – mid score of 590 because I included  a  installment, disputed 4 collection accounts and paid off a few

now – mid score 628.  5 cards with 4 paid off (only 1 reported) and one at 20%, 4 collections PFD,  only 1 collection still on file but PIF. 


12 more points to get my mortgage which  I think will come through when the other paid accounts get reported.


Thank you all for your assistance. you guys help more people than you might realize.

5 Steps to Credit Repair After Bankruptcy

Mimi Sul replied 5 years ago

Previously bankruptcy filing stayed on your credit report for 7 (and now
10) years. After that period is over, does it just automatically get erased
from your credit score?

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