Feeling nervous

Feeling nervousFeeling nervous
Melvinmon asked 4 years ago

I applied for a FHA loan last week and still havent heard anything. No news is good news! I have no collections on my account. I have credit cards I paid where the balance hasn’t updated yet. I do have a loan that I was advise to pay off thats $ 170 a month. With paying it off it could qualify for at least 30k more worth of house. I was also told to pay my Kays balance to $ 0. Current balance $ 263 monthly payment $ 60/limit $ 1000. Student loans $ 80K. deferred 2 charges due to drop 6/2016….no accounts in dispute
My mortgage scores TU 664 EXP 642 EQ 565 Equifax has I always been my lowest and most challenging.

What are my chances of approval??

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