FedLoan Late payments Removed.

FedLoan Late payments Removed.FedLoan Late payments Removed.
cinekzetmer asked 4 years ago

For anyone who is curious, I have successfully removed 180 day late Fed Loan Payments.

I WAS late, after months of my situation with no improvement, I called Fed Loan and they granted me Retroactive Forbearance for the time I was late. 6 months later i wanted to start working on fixing my credit score. I pulled my credit reports and FED LOAN was showing 6 months of late payments(obviously a huge hit!), I found my fed loan letter of approval that they sent me granting me the Forbearance. I read up a little bit on how to fix my credit score. I read over and over that Fed loan was unwilling to remove any late payments that have already incurred, even if the forbearance has been approved. I read that many people didn’t have luck with calling fed loan or other student loan providers, who were unwilling to remove late payments because “they already happened” and they are required to report correct information. However, I thought that it was unfair, why would they grant me forbearance if it pretty much meant nothing? What was the point. I found a chapter in laws that states that furnishes are required to UPDATE correct information. This wouldn’t be lying on their part, they would simply be UPDATING my information with the forbearance THEY granted me. I decided not to dispute with fed loan. I decided to go straight to the credit bureaus, I sent them the letter of approval that fed loan themselves had sent me! well…. I won the dispute. my score jumped up my 48 points!!! so if anyone is running late on student loans, Retroactive forbearance would be the smartest thing you can do.

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