Federal Tax Lien – Settled!!!!!! OMG

Federal Tax Lien – Settled!!!!!! OMGFederal Tax Lien – Settled!!!!!! OMG
NetMiner007 asked 4 years ago

It’s been a looonnnnggg 7 years since I first received the tax lien notifications from the IRS. The 2008 meltdown left me holding the bag when the company I owned collapsed around me. I quickly went from a 760 Beacon to a 590 :smileymad:


I worked with an attorney to put in an offer-in-compromise last year. I’d heard they were settling these old cases for pennies on the dollars, but I was hesitant. All the research I did showed it to be true though. And boy howdy did it work! The IRS agent assigned to my case called randomly this week and said she was APPROVING my offer just as I sent it in!!! I’m paying about 10% of what I owe. 


It might take up to 3-4 weeks to process. But that big nasty tax lien is going to say “settled” – and I’ll finally be able to buy a house again!


So excited!!!! My scores are in the 650 range now – I’m hoping for a nice jump when this big lead weight is removed. 

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