Fed up with Credit One…

Fed up with Credit One…Fed up with Credit One…
subzopokatuff asked 5 years ago

I had worse words to use but this is a public forum… Smiley Mad


Well, here is my problem:


1. Got this card in October 14, during my rebuild days. Initial limit was 300 and then increased to 500 in Mar 15.

2. Statement date is 11th of every month. However, to ease my payment dates, got the payment date changed to 1st of every month.

3. Last statement was generated in June 11th. Till now, there are no new statements. Have tried calling them thrice but they don’t understand the problem !!

4. Calling Credit One is a painful process. Go through the automated system then press 0 and…..the great operator asks details from the scratch – my full card number, social, DoB, etc etc…after I pass that phase, I’m told the standard answer “you’re subscribed for online statements only”.

5. This happened 3 times and in the last call I lost my cool and told the cust serv agent to stop BS’ing and let me know when will my statement be generated. Was kept on hold for 15 minutes and I finally hung up.


Now, I need suggestions on:


1. Should I close the card? I’m carrying $ 25 balance on the 500 limit. No big deal in paying it out.

2. As this is one of my oldest cards (still 9 months old, as I’ve 10 month credit history), closing will impact my score? I do have another card slightly older than this.

3. Is there way, other than snail mail, to complain to Creditone on their lousy customer service?


Thanks in advance to all the contributors for helping me in my credit journey Smiley Happy



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