FDCPA Lovers on this forum tick me off.

FDCPA Lovers on this forum tick me off.FDCPA Lovers on this forum tick me off.
AngeloHix asked 4 years ago

Ok here is my rant. I use this forum for credit repair and advice. It is the only source of credit info i find credible and not trying to sell me some BS on the whole web. “Gold Star” 99% of the time i search on this forum all the time. hardly ever post questions here because i know they have been asked and answered a million times over before. And i really appreciate the people and knowledge found on this site. My only problem’s on this forum are as follows

1. The FDCPA is not your friend. It is rules of engagement in financial war fare.
Too many people on this forum follow it to the T as if God wrote it. Come off your high horse. Im a debt collector contracted by the US dept of ed i know the FDCPA and it is in place to mainly set guide lines of how a banking institutions are aloud to collect debt. Which is always in their favor. And im sorry but banks losing money is better than your avrage joe losing money.

2. Most people on this forum follow some code of ethics that make the “debtor” the bad guy for trying to remove accurate information from thwir credit report. Seven years is ridiculous ammount of time to report debt. Im 23 years old. 7 years ago i didnt even have credit. People change over short ammounts of time especially in their younger years.
Especially with medical collections. My “risk factor” or score shouldnt be based on how i repay or dont my medical bills. Because me having a medical emergency is not my fault or anyones.

3. Quit worshipping Fair Isaac. They are a company paid by banks and you for a “Score” of how trustworthy a person is. They are the enemy. And who made them God to decide what are worthiness is.

Rant over.

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