Fandango banned me!?!?

Fandango banned me!?!?Fandango banned me!?!?
richeventrzn asked 5 years ago

So 2 months ago we had really bad weather and I had tickets for a movie. The theater closed down but I had tickets and couldn’t go.
I tried to contact fandango to no avail. So I contacted cap one and asked for help.
They ended up refunding my money and apologized for the situation.

Fast forward to today. I went o buy tickets for the free visa signature card and it wouldn’t go through. Called fandango and she asked if I had a charge back. I was like what? And then said yes.

She said we have blocked your card and fandango acct. **bleep**. I had a legit reason for the chargeback. It’s the first one I’ve ever done. I am still in awe.

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