EXPERTS WEIGH IN: Dispute or Debt Validation?

EXPERTS WEIGH IN: Dispute or Debt Validation?EXPERTS WEIGH IN: Dispute or Debt Validation?
ubattoc asked 5 years ago

Trying to help a friend on the credit repair journey. She has a baddie with Verizon (Fios) that is appearing on her credit report. She paid it off a few years ago but wasn’t aware that she could request a PFD. Now that the debt has been paid, she’s lost some of her leverage.

Here’s the kicker, the baddie is being reported incorrectly as: Paid in full for less than full balance.

However, she has documentation from Verizon and bank statements proving that she paid the full debt. She wants this baddie cleared from her report. I’m trying my best to help her, but I’m not totally clear on the best strategy for her to implement.

Should she dispute this debt directly with the CRA because it is not being reported correctly (with the hope of being removed for inaccurate reporting)? Or should she do a debt validation with Verizon in hopes that Verizon doesn’t respond within 30 days, and thus opening the door to have this removed by the CRA?


Are there any other options out there for her (I don’t think a Good Will letter to Verizon would be much help)? Does she have a foot to stand on?


This debt is scheduled to stop reporting by the CRAs on May 2018. Experts, what do you advise?

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