Expert advice plz!!

Expert advice plz!!Expert advice plz!!
asked 4 years ago

Hey all, so far we’ve signed a contract, completed inspection, and I’ve sent my loan app/disclosures in. The sellers put an addendum in the contract to close on or before May 29th, (they told us they want to close end of May to give them a chance to find a place for themsevles) and we agreed. Of course, we made plans to stay in our current place until the end of May, but now all of a sudden the seller’s agent contacted our agent and informed us that they need to sell the house asap and will be closing end of April. I’ve already prepared and planned everything for end of May, can they just switch on us just like that? They are the ones that asked for the later closing date, and we both signed it. The sellers have been giving us problems throughout this whole process, but this one really messes things up for us. My wife is starting a great new job (same field) and now I don’t think she will have the 30 days paystubs required. We thought we were closing end of May, so she would have been fine. Any suggestions/ideas? Do the sellers have all the power when buying homes, because it sure seems like it? /end rant….

How I Got Mortgage Free With No Money

Amy Marie replied 4 years ago

I am in the real estate industry, and I can tell u that you are absolutely
correct, real estate agents do NOT care about what you make, they want to
make quick sells and do as little work as possible for that commission
before they lose the home or client.

Gary Hughes replied 4 years ago

Becky you missed your calling. You are an awesome speaker. I loved this
video, your demeanor, and your speaking. I could watch your videos all
day, oh wait I am going to watch you all day ha. Very informative and
entertaining, thank you.
Here are some ideas for some videos: Soap Making, Build a Chicken
Coop, Build a Fence, Make a Picnic-table, the possibilities are endless.
Good fortune and God bless you and yours. 

TheHillbillyHybrid replied 4 years ago

I live almost the same life, I work for my cousin. He owns the house I live
in and pay the bills. In return I work in his chicken houses. Sometimes
only work 20 hours then it goes up to 35 or 40. I am not rich but I really
love it. I am going to start raising worms and tomatoes to raise money for
my food stroage

Sarah Frasher replied 4 years ago

Becky, I just love you! You’re so sweet, and generous with your knowledge.
My family and I watch your videos all the time. You get us very excited and
inspired. Thanks so much for sharing what you’ve learned!

Pidasian Hippie replied 4 years ago

Wow! Just Wow! Becky, this is your best and most inspirational videos yet.
It was good to follow along your journey to where you are today. I
vividly remember the day I payed off my mortgage. It was like the entire
rest of my life had opened up to me. No matter what happened, I, and only
me, owned my house. 

The Astonisher replied 4 years ago

Self-sufficiency is the key to happiness. The borrower is slave to the

dixiegirl999 replied 4 years ago

Thanks. This video is so inspirational about planning for our future. I’m
like you when it comes to a mortgage. We just refinanced our house for
another 30 yrs & have already been here 15 yrs. I will sure do some
research about log cabin kits.

Desiree Lewis replied 4 years ago

I really enjoyed your video. It gives me courage to be a home owner and be
morgage free. Im currently renting but I would love to own my own property
and home. Thanks!!

randy robasser replied 4 years ago

Like the way you think and how hard you work. Great story and good for you
and your boys. They are lucky to have such a hard working and smart mother.

Geena Dax replied 4 years ago

Good advise. Don’t buy the biggest house the mortgage company says you can
buy. Focus on the goal of being mortgage free, and don’t let the finance
company or the realtor talk you into more.

Lisa Vallejo-Garza replied 4 years ago

For me, this video wasn’t so much about going mortgage free, as it was more
about, listening to your heart and following it to peace, joy, freedom, and
happiness. Listen to how she did it. She had a vision, followed her
intuition, took inspired action, with a joyful, purpose filled, heart and
manifested her vision! Listen carefully she maps out the entire
manifestation process! So cool. I enjoyed listening and sharing in her

How I Got Mortgage Free With No Money:

Gardening Tips With Phil replied 4 years ago

Interesting story, and some very good advice.

RWM0000 replied 4 years ago

Awesome great talk and advice about trying to keep your “self ” while
surviving the democratic capitalist system.

cincy mom replied 4 years ago

Very much inspired by your story:-) may I know what do you do for your
living? Thanks!

bigmurr725 replied 4 years ago

thanks Becky !!!! You are the best !!!

rc3291 replied 4 years ago

Good for you Becky. I want about the same lifestyle and am working towards
getting myself there. People want you to work long hours to make them more
money so they can pay theirs debts they owe to someone else.

southof76 replied 4 years ago

Enthralling story and sound advice! Thank you for sharing ma’am! God bless!

Jim Marcum replied 4 years ago

every man should have a women like this to inspire him to be a better man.

itsdonenow replied 4 years ago

I wonder if she uses her desire to play with her horses and in the garden
instead of working to qualify for welfare. 

Hina kaulana replied 4 years ago

I can’t thank you enough for all of
The Information you share! You are beautiful smart and full of great
information! Thank you so much! Aloha!

BL Meyer replied 4 years ago

WOW what a great story and thank you for your videos

Becky what an inspiration you are. I love your videos and am too working
on paying off our piece of property we bought last year to build our
‘Homestead’. My goal is also to live the simple life and some would say
‘self sufficient’. Would you consider doing a video on how to make some
money off of your efforts, like selling eggs, vegtables, etc. I know in
past videos you’ve touched on this. I would just like to see a more
in-depth conversation and such on how to maintain/make a little money on
the side. Thanks again and I’ll keep watching.

Peter Thomas replied 4 years ago

thankyou for your wonderful story Becky

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