Excited! My Home Buying Process!

Excited! My Home Buying Process!Excited! My Home Buying Process!
Spups asked 5 years ago

Finally got my application submitted! Its been a crazy 3.5 months and I am so happy I have had the support and guidance of this board. App’ed with Wells Fargo and First Equity (Mortgage Broker) and go Approve/Eligble from both! Was sent off with pre-approval letters to give the builder and here I am.


3.5 months ago I started this process, blind to requirments and was 1 year and 9 months out of Ch. 7. I was told “Nope, you have to wait till you’re 2 year mark.” I was very discouraged because I found a place i loved. The builder let me extend my closing until January to allow me time to get everything done and wait till my 2 year mark, which was today.


Over the last few months I have religiously read these forums and used the suggestions. I was able to even raise my credit score 13 points so I was able to get right through automated desktop underwriting through Wells Fargo. My mid score was 650. 


After comparing closing costs and such – I did decide to go with First Equity. The broker is a close friend, told me they could have me to closing in 2-3 weeks and came in cheaper on closing costs (even with my Wells Fargo employee discount on the closing costs). I am ecstatic. Wells Fargo just about had me, but they were slightly higher in costs and wanted quite a bit longer to close. 


I never thought I would be here – but the time has finally come, and I owe most of it to all of you guys! 


I will keep you all updated over the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed that I will be moving in after the new year!

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