EX down by 11 points today, WHAT ?????

EX down by 11 points today, WHAT ?????EX down by 11 points today, WHAT ?????
subzopokatuff asked 4 years ago

Hi Guys,


Well i took a hit this morning, woke up and got a credit alert, my EX score took a 11 poit hit, i was in shock, i jumped off the bed and went to my laptop, when i checked i saw my Util went from 2% to 4%, after digging a little found out that CareCredit reported $ 1900 balance, i did use the card and that is fine (was a dental work) but what i dont understand is why 11 points?, i went from 2% to 4% not 60% Util, MAX credit 78K.


Is this normal?, 11 points ??, is this real ?? i am planing to pay this amount in 2 months, will i get my points back?, in your experience how long will take to get those point back?


Please any advice will be great.


Thanks in advance Smiley Wink

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