ERC Tmobile Success!!!!

ERC Tmobile Success!!!!ERC Tmobile Success!!!!
lorinest asked 5 years ago

 My ERC/Tmo ETF from 4 years ago showed up last year and I couldn’t do anything to get it off, and I’ve been trying everything. DV, PFD, Tmobile calls, Tmobile Facebook, everything.  Until I saw a post last night where a user emailed the CEO.  So I did.



Sent an email last night at 3am, got a call an hour ago.



Since they no longer have ETF’s, they fully credited my account into good standing, and notified ERC to remove all reporting.  I’m seriously thinking about leaving Verizon and going back.



But man, I can’t wait to see this fall off.  This is my last standing collection on my report.

Bob Massi Legal Credit Repair 2014

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