ERC Help Please

ERC Help PleaseERC Help Please
Terrykiz asked 4 years ago

So, after a month and a half of mailing letters to ERC [Enhanced Recovery Co], with NO RESPONSE to my PFD letters, I somehow finally got a call yesterday on my cell phone from an ERC CSR. The girl on the phone (who was quite rude to say the least) gave me their usually debt collection spiel and ending by asking me how I was going to pay the $ 72 debt that I owed. I asked if the call was in response to my PFD letter, and she claimed that ERC received no letter from me as there are no notes on my account indicating a PFD was submitted by me. She even went as far as to say that the letter ‘wouldn’t do me any good anyway since ERC does not delete’. I find this odd that I haven’t received a call from ERC in nearly 4 years only to get a call after I send a PFD. What can I do at this point? I am considering going straight to AT&T to settle, however, there’s no guarantee that ERC will delete the TL. :smileyfrustrated:

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