Equifax — ugh

Equifax — ughEquifax — ugh
alinagreiitame asked 4 years ago

Sorry for the mini-rant but I’m SO fed up with Equifax.


First their consumer service team (the group that you can do an EE through) only answers the phones from 9-5 in your local time zone. Not super helpful if you work 8-5. Secondly, when you do manage to squeeze the time in your work day to call they keep you on hold for so long that you use most of your lunch break to get through leaving you 5 minutes to talk to therep. Lastly, the lady (Kelly) I spoke with today flat out said that no one in their office has the ability to remove something from your report, they can only dispute it.


Now I know that isn’t true because plenty of people to get through and get their EEs. I have 2 baddies that I’m looking to remove and they are set to fall off this year. One is an old paid collection for Verizon that should fall-off on 5/1 and the other an old paid charge off with Cap1 that should fall off on 8/1. I wasn’t expecting to get the Cap1 one removed but I figured it was at least worth asking.


I asked to speak to a supervisor and she just kept repeating that no one has the ability to grant an EE. I didn’t have time to argue with her because I needed to get back to work. I guess I’ll try again on Friday since that will officially put me at one month out from the date for the Verizon account.


I just wish that even if they don’t do much of an EE they were at least easier to get ahold of. No weekend hours and extremely limited weekday hours is a real PITA.

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