Equifax showing missed payments

Equifax showing missed paymentsEquifax showing missed payments
MangosteenMew asked 5 years ago

Ok so I logged into my Credit Karma today and it freshly pulled up my scores and report and when I went to the factors, which i always check, all of a sudden TU had me at 100% but Equifax had me at very poor 87.7% for missed payments. I dont know WHERE they are getting this from. It said on the bottom to look at your full credit report to see where they were but when I go to the full credit report it doesnt say missed or late payments on any of my account. Granted I just opened up 3 new cards and the Barclays is arleady reporting on there but that says no payment history. Where do I look and what do I do. I cant go to freeannualreport becuase I just happend to pull equifax last week so i cant do that one again. The TU shows fine. I don’t understnad where they are getting that from???

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