Equifax Issue

Equifax IssueEquifax Issue
fashion asked 5 years ago

I am having an issue and I need help getting it resolved. I have had credit since November of 2014 and thats when my oldest account was open which is a Capital One Secured Credit Card & A Fingerhut account. The creditors have been reporting to Experian and Transunion but they also say they have been reporting to Equifax although my Equifax credit file is empty. It shows I have no accounts or anything on my credit report. Earlier this year I opened a WoodForest Revolving Line of Credit account and it reported as a new account and then a few weeks later fell off, eventhough the bank said they where reporting, nothing is showing up. I can’t seem to get Equifax customer service to help me because they said I have to have my Creditors call Business Customer Service and instead the creditors prefer to send a letter. It has been over 90 days since I reported this issue with Capital One, Fingerhut, and Woodforest and still nothing is happening. What should I do? Should I send them a letter myself with a copy of my Experian and Transunion credit report along with letters from each of the creditors saying that they where reporting? Someone please help me because I can’t even open a regular card because of this.

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Mark Clayborne replied 5 years ago

Great information. Just to add, send letters certified mail.for more videos
on this topic, be sure to visit my channel

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