Equifax is PUZZLING?

Equifax is PUZZLING?Equifax is PUZZLING?
NikkiTut asked 4 years ago

Equifax has always been my lowest score. Currently, my EXP is 809, My TU is 780, but my Equifax dropped today from 754 to 714.  The strange thing is there is no derogatory account information at all on my credit report. I continually make large payments, even though I keep a balance. Even with this being my payment history, I’ve had no trouble maintaining decent credit scores. I made $ 1000 payments for three CC accounts in November. Although a different Chase account increased by $ 160 (I was caught shopping without my BOA Debit card and stuck charging something), I forgot to check my charges when I made my November payment of $ 100, so there was an increase of the $ 160. I also paid $ 250 toward it yesterday and planned to pay an additional $ 200 in two weeks. Is it possible that a single $ 160 charge can cause your score to drop 40 points? As information, Equifax is also the bureau that contains the most inquiries (18), but has been at 18 for almost two years. So, there will be a drop of seven off my inquiry list soon.  

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