Terrylen asked 5 years ago

I think I have an unusual situation. I have a tendency to soft pull my reports a lot. I’m one of those people who has become addicted to watching my scores climb and reports improve. I have myfico, check CK, Equifax, TU and CCT.

In February my Equifax report wouldn’t update on anything. I called and no one could help me, except one department that is open M-Th and I always seem to have time on the days it’s closed. Finally after 6 weeks of trying I was told I have a split file (I’ve been told since I don’t). The lady “fixed” my report. BUT on Equifax it said I had a 703, but myfico was saying 640. It used to always have the same score. Now it’s never the same and it doesn’t translate correctly to any other service I use. Also none of my AU accounts are on my reports. AND now if I check my sights “too often”, which translate to about 10 times….BAM locked out again!

On Equifax you call pull daily, but if I use that product daily my accounts become frozen! It’s really aggravating. I asked them to delete the soft pulls and was told they would be, but they are not deleted and I still have the same issue.

Anyone else have CB craziness? I think when I get this fixed I’ll just dump the Equifax monitoring service since I have no willpower to NOT check….


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