EQ clinging to paid CA Lien

EQ clinging to paid CA LienEQ clinging to paid CA Lien
Warrenseene asked 4 years ago

Hey all,


I have a paid lien that passed its fall off date. EX and TU have both removed it automatically. EX in August, and TU In November. Both EX and TU had “date this item will be removed” on my reports. But EQ does not and I’m not sure how to approach them. I’ve seen that you shouldn’t dispute it but I’m not sure what options I have. I did retain screen shots from EX and TU that stated their removal dates before it dropped off of both. I’m thinking that since all three have different ideas on when it was to be removed that there’s an error somewhere.


Any advice would be appreciated. EQ is 740, TU was the same at 740 until they dropped it then I shot up to 800! So… Anyone?



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