Easier Card Than Barclay But NOT Capital One?

Easier Card Than Barclay But NOT Capital One?Easier Card Than Barclay But NOT Capital One?
fausaMixail asked 5 years ago

So… I’m on the quest for my 3rd bank card.


I’ve had suggestions on here already like a local credit union and such and I’m thankful for these suggestions but I’m looking for some more!


I have two capital one cards, the platinum and the QS1… QS1 is $ 800 CL that I increased from $ 300 just a few days ago. Platinum still needs another month before a CLI but is at $ 500 CL.


I also have a $ 550 CL with fingerhut, $ 300 Kohls, 800 with Amazon… but it is my understanding that these report differently and I really need to get a third bank card.


I’ve applied for Barclay’s Mastercard Rewards but was denied. I called the recon line a few different times and keep getting the same story, they need to see more history, so I guess I just need to sit back for maybe 6 more months before re-appling.


I applied for Discover It but I should have known better that I would be denied. I didn’t even try to call the recon line.


Are there other options out there I’m not aware of? I would like to avoid a secured card if possible.


My scores are listed below!


Any advice or direction would be welcome!



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