Early Exclusions and such

Early Exclusions and suchEarly Exclusions and such
Mjuterbof asked 5 years ago

So, I asked all 3 CRA if they could exclude a CO CC account that was due to fall off in December 2015, only TU approved the early exclusion. Im in underwriting currently and they wanted me to start paying on an open collections account with LVNV funding, so I called them ready to battle the original amount was for 4228.00, the individual on the phone said that in order to settle the debt, it would take 4228.00, I responded with wish I could do that, told her I was a disabled vet getting a pension and noway could afford that amount, infact, I countered with paying zero, she did giggle and we chatted a bit and she placed me on hold and offered to settle at 50%, if I could pay it at that time, I asked her if I could spend the rest of the month with her since I wouldnt have enough money to survive after paying such a large amount.


She again put me on hold, and asked what i was willing to pay today, and I told her, I had been saving and I could pay 1000.00 if we could settle the debt, close the account, and remove it from my CR.


She agreed, but balked when I asked for a letter stating such deal had been made, eventually she faxed me the letter, I got a money order and dropped in the box overnight. I just called and spoke to them, payment has been recieved and they said it would take 72 hrs or more  before it was removed, from credit reports.


So, I will check in on friday..

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