DW GW and PFD Success

DW GW and PFD SuccessDW GW and PFD Success
exejoir asked 5 years ago

Wanted to share some success!


After some bad financial years, finally taking care of DW credit file.

Found 2 medical collections on her account:

The first was $ 260 and they agreed to a PFD a few weeks ago, the 2nd wouldn’t budge.


Since we need to go through rental screening credit check, DW called them and pleaded, begged and chatted the CSR, not sure what hearbreaking story she told them.. CSR initiallys said it can’t be done… but after more begging he agreed to check with OC, and called OC and both agreed to delete!!!! even sent us a verification letter that we can show the realtor!


DW file will be clean of collections in 30 days… 

Mine had one medical collection that also agreed to PFD and will be clean in a few days (deletion request to CRAs is scheudled for June 3rd). 


3 out of 3 collection removed between both of us, not bad!!!!



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