Down To Just One Baddie…MIDLAND

Down To Just One Baddie…MIDLANDDown To Just One Baddie…MIDLAND
GeorgeFethy asked 5 years ago

Lord give me strength…

I managed to get all of my collections removed from my reports, but of course Midland won’t budge. I decided not poke the bear any further until my SOL has expired (December 2015). However, I DO need a plan of  attack. Midland is currently trying to collect more than what was charged off from an old Tmobile account. They’ve tacked on an extra $ 130. I’ve confirmed this with Tmobile numerous times and have the chat conversations saved as evidence. Tmobile advised me to contact Midland to get answers about the extra $ 130. 


I’ve also filed a complaint with the California Attorney General in regards to Midland’s reporting practices. They were reporting as the original lender and reporting the collection as 120 days late. Of course they responded stating they were innocent of both accusations and proceeded to basically blame the CRA. The Attorney General advised me to contact Midland to resolve any other issues. I am beyond annoyed at this point….


Any ideas on how I can kill the beast once and for all?

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