DOLP on Bought/Transfered Accounts

DOLP on Bought/Transfered AccountsAuthor "richeventtver"DOLP on Bought/Transfered Accounts
richeventtver asked 5 years ago

Quick question:  I had a foreclosure with Citi that my first DOLP was 6/09.  That account was transfered to Seterus who picks up late payments in 2011-2013 but now shows closed (with a balance of $ 199K but the deed was transfered as of 5/13)..  There is no DOLP listed.  I contacted Transunion to try and validate the info and DOLP because if it should be the same, then it’s due to fall off in a couple of months.


My question…since it’s the same account, shouldn’t the DOLP be the same as the original account??


Thank you!

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