Does this mean I am in underwriting?

Does this mean I am in underwriting?Does this mean I am in underwriting?
NetMiner007 asked 4 years ago

Hi All,


I filled out the mortgage application with my mortgage broker.  Provided my W-2’s, bank statements, etc etc. Paid the earnest money.  The mortgage broker says he won’t order the appraisal until he gets conditional approval. Inspection is next week.


So the very next morning after filling out the application, I got an email from the mortgage company with the Truth In Lending Statement which shows my interest rate, payment, etc.  I’m taking that to mean my application was submitted.  Does this mean I’m in underwriting?  Does it mean I’m just waiting to get my conditions to close and then I’m done?

Mortgage Payoff

goldenthroat86 replied 4 years ago

Interesting. Please present *PROOF* that this has ever worked. HINT: You
won’t be able to because it never has. 

Nekia Williams replied 4 years ago

I wanted to know if I am understanding the steps I should take to do this?
I am going to the county recorder?

Simple Savagery replied 4 years ago

If I call someone and tell them ‘how do I satisfy the mortgage’ they’ed
tell me to get a job and still loose it. System is a fraud. Communism
always turns to shit because people get greedy and retarded.

SCOTT DETWILER replied 4 years ago
Dani Allen replied 4 years ago

They keep telling me the ONLY way to satisfy the mortgage is to pay the
balance owing,,,,,,period.

rhmbicyclersvideos replied 4 years ago

Hello, will this work in California? What exactly does “satisfy the
mortgage” it off? Or, file this document? Need help here..under
the gun. Thanks for sharing. Do you give personal advice?

garland75043 replied 4 years ago

so who pays the painters, carpenters, bricklayers, etc that built the house

MageSkeleton replied 4 years ago

i don’t see it in California Law:
Though i’m not surprised, this is the United states of america. Where the
word “states” refers to a union and not a corporation. We are united for a
common cause, though i don’t know what that is at this time. But each state
or union has it’s own statutes. Though they are guidelines for how commerce
shall operate.

jchhoun replied 4 years ago

Thanks, I hope this works in Alabama

REBECCA711CARL replied 4 years ago

They blurred the screen so I can’t read (

Megan House of McAuley replied 4 years ago

for me this would be post foreclosure as the “PROPERTY LIEN” has been sold

Megan House of McAuley replied 4 years ago

I will follow up on this as the entity who effectuated the “Corporate
Assignment” was void because under Texas Code, EVERY time there’s an
assignment it has to be recorded along with the original deed of trust.

CashStream2 replied 4 years ago

Hello Rob. Have you done this yourself to pay your properties off? Have you
helped anyone get their home paid off? If I had found this info sooner, I
would not have sold my home. But now, I’m looking to buy a new one.

Gerard Hill replied 4 years ago

What if, after checking with the parties you mentioned being the
Comptroller or Circuit Court, you find through discovery that no such
assignment exists? Thank you once again Robb Ryder! the “Dragon Slayer”

LaToya Fries replied 4 years ago

Will this work in Virginia?

huerilita replied 4 years ago

Is the point you are trying to make here the fact that since the original
mortgagee (lender) assigned the mortgage but that assignment never got
recorded, we should have the right to cancel the mortgage and get back
everything we have paid to them? Here’s something else for you: “The right
of subrogation does not exist for a stranger to the transaction.” 73 AmJur
2nd Sect. 90. Subrogation means substitute, (stranger includes assignment,
transfer, or trades). They’re now voluntary payees.

kevin kerns replied 4 years ago

when you ask the courts for the estopple letter is the payoff going to be
different then the deed?

REBECCA711CARL replied 4 years ago

How can I find one to help me get this done

zeus4honey replied 4 years ago

I have heard you on different forums but never could get in a question.
Would this work in California? I know you are in Florida but wondered if it
would work here. Thanks for all that you do. You are an inspiration and I
want to thank you for putting this together.

knowledgeispower4u replied 4 years ago

A good video for you to check out is about the Homestead Act.
Title”Beginning of the Dream: Homestead Act Made Law” Skip to 14:40 to see
a Deed

mortgageratestexas replied 4 years ago

Thank you for this video!

paulagloria replied 4 years ago


huerilita replied 4 years ago

l’ve listened to this several times. Maybe, are you saying that the
mortgage is satisfied when you accept the deed and that is the payment?
Payment doesn’t have to be money? It really needs to be more clear what is
meant by satisfying the mortgage, other than the typical paying off the
money over years by FRN’s.

Doazic replied 4 years ago

Doesn’t work anywhere

paulagloria replied 4 years ago

i love you Rob “The Creator wanted me to say something else!” 0 :18

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