Does Midland/Portfolio/Lvnv PFD?

Does Midland/Portfolio/Lvnv PFD?Does Midland/Portfolio/Lvnv PFD?
cinekzetmer asked 5 years ago

Well, I’m actually more curious about the chances they will verify the debt.  I checked my Experian report yesterday and they still havnt verified.  I do believe I saw a comment from one of them (dont remember who) that says “consumer disputes (meets fair credit reporting act)” or something along those lines.  I thought it was the bureau that made that comment.  Anyway, if they do validate it, what are the chances they will PFD?  I hear they (especially midland and PRA) arent the nicest to work with so Im thinking they will most likely refuse it?  The debts are old and will fall off around July of next year so I’m out of SOL.  After reading the forums for the past couple of weeks, If I do have to offer a PFD, I will offer between 0.10-0.20 on the dollar to settle the debt.  I want to say I’ll have some leverage since the debt is a little more than a year away from falling off but then again, they know I’m in the market for a mortgage so they may use that against me to refuse the PFD.  Am I correct?

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