Does each CRA report at different times?

Does each CRA report at different times?Does each CRA report at different times?
Terrylen asked 4 years ago

Sorry for the confusing question…


Backstory: I sent a goodwill letter to a collections company asking them to remove an old account that had been paid off. I sent that on 3/13/2016. On 3/15/2016 (super fast!!) the account was deleted from my Equifax report. As of yesterday, 3/22/2016, it was deleted from my Experian report. It is still on my Transunion report as of yesterday.


Do you think it is just a matter of time before it is taken off of transunion? Maybe they just haven’t reported it yet?? Or is it possible/typical that collection compaies will still report only to 1 CRA? I am getting so anxious because if it would get deleted from my TU report, I think I would reach my first credit score goal!!! Smiley Happy


Also still waiting for a responce from Walmart/Synchonrony Bank… They called and left me a voicemail stating I would get a responce to my goodwill letter in the mail but still have not recieved anything yet (been about 2 weeks).

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