Does anyone else have trouble with Macy’s fraud department

Does anyone else have trouble with Macy’s fraud departmentDoes anyone else have trouble with Macy’s fraud department
Neila asked 5 years ago

I have a regular Macy’s credit card, When I got the card I was instantly approved then I got an email that said they had to call me becuase of fraud (within minutes of getting approved).  I let them call me and they got it all cleared up.   I just called on Tuesday to see if they could give me a cli and they said something went wrong and my account was locked and the fraud department would have to call me again in 24 hours.  They called me Wednesday and unlocked it then transferred me to a specialist so I could go ahead with my cli.  The specialist somehow got my account locked again.  I am waiting for them to call again.  It is working on 48 hours now. 

Also they asked me if I was wanting just an increase on my regular account or if I would like to open a furniture or special events account.  I asked if they were closing all the other accounts and they said they were combining them and it didn’t matter if I opened one that it would go on my regular account in a couple of weeks.  I am really frustrated with Macy’s at this time and wondering if it is even worth the hassle to have their card.  Last time I tried to get a credit increase they denied me, if they deny me again this time after they “accidentally” locked my account twice to where I can’t even use the card they I think it will be paid off and not used again. 

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