Do I qualify for a mortgage?

Do I qualify for a mortgage?Do I qualify for a mortgage?
fashion asked 4 years ago


I’m a new member here and this is my first post.

My main goal in joining MyFico is getting my credit straightened out in hopes of a mortgage before my current lease is up next February.

Thanks you for reading and offering any help/advice!


EQ5: 619

TU4: 625

EX2: 646


Negitive Indicators: 16 on all three reports

Collections: 1 on EQ


Negitive items:


Charge off, open, balance=$ 408, in collections, reporting 90+ late every month even though I haven’t been a customer in 2 years. In dispute. I have since (2 weeks ago) paid their collection company to settle the account for a lesser amount to stop the reporting. Waiting to see how it gets updated on my reports.


account closed. was late 30 days 2 times: dec 2013 and jan 2014


multiple accounts consolidated down to 2 accounts in jan 2015.

both open accounts showing 2 lates 90+ july and august 2015

a dozen closed, consolidated accounts with Nelnet showing 90+ late multiple times up to consolidation in jan 2015


auto loan. paid off jan 2015. 6 lates. Aug 2013-jan2014. 4x30days, 2x60days.

GW sent, no response yet.


one paid collection for $ 71 march 2013 



$ 74,000 a year on salery. Same business 25 years, same company over 3 years.

$ 5,000 in a 401K

$ 6,000 in savings



Student loans, nelnet= $ 135 combined. Now set to auto-pay.

car loan, $ 270. auto-pay.



2 student loans that are current since 9/15, consoladated 1/15

car loan never late 2 years into a 5 year loan

one CC 2 years old, never late



Monroe county, NY



Single family, primary, first timer, purchase


Thanks for any advice/input.





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