Disputing Collections/Increasing Score

Disputing Collections/Increasing ScoreDisputing Collections/Increasing Score
TeletraderuSax asked 5 years ago

Okay, here’s the 411


I have about 15 or so collections on my report. I would like to get the collections reported in the last 24 months off of my CR which means about 9. I have been doing some reading, but I have received mixed information. Do I validate the debt and if I don’t receive a response in 30 days send a letter to the CA to dispute? How does all of this work? I went on a HUGE app spree so I will be gardening for the next 6 months (at least) but I would like to fix this up so when the time comes I can  get that Barclay card and refinance my car (Already approved by the company that I purchased from intially, so they say. No HP needed, we’ll see) for Christmas.



Credit score is: 


590 Equifax

599 Transunion

618 Experian


Utilization is 75% but I am working on getting that down to 30% by next month. I am waiting on a Discover it Chrome Secured card which should get it down to about 50%.


I have Wells Fargo secured $ 400 (4/15), Capital One Secured $ 300 (4/15), Discover Secured $ 300 (7/15); Macy’s $ 300, Bloomingdales $ 800, Kohls $ 500, and Fingerhut Fresh Start $ 230. Waiting to hear back from Nordstrom, will know by Friday.


I work 2 jobs so money is tight. I am new to credit, made some mistakes when I was 18-20 (21 now) and I am cleaning it up. I am a homeowner, but no mortgage as I paid cash. Knee deep in bill especially as my property tax almost doubled. Any ideas would be great!

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