Disputed with TU, EQ was updated, why?

Disputed with TU, EQ was updated, why?Author "oxilazevu"Disputed with TU, EQ was updated, why?
oxilazevu asked 4 years ago

So last month I called TU, spoke to supervisor in the hopes to get items deleted early. The guy said that its too early for that but he can dispute it with the same status (Too old to be on account). I said why the heck not as long as its not about the validity or anything else.


Just a week ago I see EQ updated with the statement in comment “Consumer dispute…” (dont remember the exact wording). Why did EQ update when I didnt open any disputes with EQ?


Also weird thing on EX, have AmEx which I paid off in Sept and it dropped off from my TU next month, EQ removed it too. But it still remains on my EX. I have one report from Sept 2015 which shows that the account should have dropped off from my report by Feb 2016 yet it is there. I wouldnt care about this but the comment for the account  status is  says “Paid, Closed. $ 1,927 written off.” Nothing was charged off, as I paid every penny I owed to AmEx in Sept 2015. 


Is there anything I should do? More importantly should I call EQ and tell them that I didnt dispute anything and there is no reason to update the account?

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