Dish Problems

Dish ProblemsDish Problems
Bsaiierapi asked 4 years ago

Last Wednesday, I called Dish to see if I could pay them the bill I owed from last year directly.  I repeatedly asked the CSR if it would come off my credit reports if I paid and she assured me on multiple occasions that it would.  I was doing my daily check on CCT on Sunday and saw that the collection agency had updated the listing as paid and closed and did not remove it.  I called back to Dish on Sunday and spoke with another rep that told me that they would be sending me a letter within 72 hours and that I’m suppose to send that to the collection agency to have them remove it.  Does that sound right?  I took down names, dates, and times of who I spoke with on both occasions.  I do have a receipt that was emailed from the payment being paid directly to Dish.  Wondering what I should do next once I get this letter if it even arrives.  Also I have had no dunning letter from the CA if that matters at all.  

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